Do I feel connected?

Today’s Prompt:

How connected do you feel to your country’s government? Do you feel like your vote and your voice matter?

Connected?  I don’t even feel visible!    I don’t believe the average person feels connected.  We do feel betrayed.  We feel marginalized.  We feel devalued.  We feel demoralized.  In fact, many times we feel persecuted by the government that is supposed to serve us.

It has been many years since I have seen a sense of public empowerment in the public.  Not since the days of John and Robert Kennedy has there been a public expression of enthusiasm in public affairs.  I am convinced that Trump won the election by default..  Those votes he received were not votes FOR TRUMP, they were votes against Hillary Clinton.  Even then, he did not receive the popular vote.

This was empirical evidence that our individual vote doesn’t matter.  The Electoral College is no longer responsive to the people and should be abolished!  Its purpose was to facilitate the count for a speedy election.  That function can now be accomplished electronically.  That would go a long way toward restoring the public confidence in the process.  Although the process, in itself, is only a symptom of the disease.

Our public leaders need to actually listen to their constituents and hear what they are saying instead serving their own selfish interests. Politicians are more responsive at the state and local levels but even then they have no influence when it comes to the country.

There was once a time when one entered politics to serve the country.  Todays’ Politicians get into politics to pad their bank accounts and serve their own agenda.  The needs of the public no longer matter.  Politicians at the federal level are so mired in the two-party mindset that they have lost sight of the fact that they are the SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, not the other way around.  It has become a battle of “The Dems” against “The Reps”, and it is a blind battle at that.  All they see is “the color of the uniform”.  There is an entire country out here that is locked out of the discussion.  Even if an idea has merit, makes perfect sense and is good for the country, it will be voted down if it is proposed by the opposing party.   The job is no longer about running the country, it is about “getting the best of the other guys”.

They have forgotten that not every registered Democrat agrees with the “Democratic Platform”.  Not every registered Republican agrees with the “Republican Platform”.  We are a nation of individuals, and every one of us has a voice.  But that voice is being silenced if it speaks a contrary opinion to the platform of “the party in charge”.   And if you don’t wear the “correct label” you have no value and are denied a seat at the table.

We are now in a regime where the attitude is “I got here in spite of you and now I am going to make everyone pay”.  We have a president and cabinet that seem to be single-mindedly determined to destroy the American way of life.  Men and women who actually encourage the attitudes and behaviors that this country was founded to leave behind.  Men and women who openly lie to the American people and think we must be too stupid to realize it.   Men and women who deny the truth and replace facts with their own imaginings.  It is true that they do worship one god, but that god is gold.  They have failed to realize that when they have taxed the 99% out of existence, there will be no one left to fill their coffers but themselves.

Do I feel connected to my government?  No, and now I am ashamed to be an American.

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